Application Design

I see application design as a step further than Information Architecture, but in this case you are also considering organization of the data in the database, how & what information is collected, how it is displayed, how it is retrieved, what the website's function is, what the naming system is for files, etc. Most of the application design I have done comes from my time at Siegelgale and at Icnivad; but, with my foray into PHP, I have been able to design AND create smaller applications for clients.

Wu Dao Kung Fu & Tai Chi

Ashtanga Yoga Boston


American Sanskrit Institute, Redesign


Associate Quality & Safety Admin

Xpress Electronic Access / Subscription Services

Customer Profile Management

Verizon Wholesale, Local Ordering

Verizon Wholesale, Advanced Information Architecture Redesign

Product Development Life Cycle

E-Studio Network

Boise Cascade Office Products, OrderPoint