Graphic Development

work on selecting projects for this task I can't think of a single project that has not required SOME kind of graphical element, usually, at the very least, a company logo. Any cropping of an image, and saving in web format constitutues "graphic development", but in reality, the task requires more thought: shrinking file size & optimizing for the web; choosing the right format to maximize sharpness, transparency & even political correctness of the site; and modularizing repetitive elements so that they are identical in style and positioning across all pages.

Downtown Primary Care

Wu Dao Kung Fu & Tai Chi

Lincoln Legal & Lincoln | Berger

Ashtanga Yoga Boston


Jen & Dave

PK Web Communications

The Architecture and Development of New York City

Malcolm X Memorial Kiosks

American Sanskrit Institute, Redesign

IBM BrandVision

National Association of College and University Business Officers

Parsons Art Gallery

I Golfini Della Nonna